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EIM video contents

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Video Contents

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, people have had to deal with limitations placed on exercising at athletic facilities, and they have been given less opportunities to leave their homes. With that said, however, it is difficult for us to maintain our physical abilities unless we are able to keep our bodies moving, and such inactivity also has a negative impact on the treatment and prevention of illnesses. In order to support you in your efforts to engage in therapeutic exercise, EIM Japan has enlisted the help of the Gravity Yoga Association (one of our corporate partners) to create a series of videos.
Please make sure to observe the precautions shown below and enjoy yourself while staying fit!

Precautions to Observe Before Exercise

  • Please make sure to measure your blood pressure, pulse, and weight, and make sure not to push yourself too hard if you notice any unusual changes.
  • If you are not particularly feeling well, lower your workout intensity or shorten the duration of your workout, or in some cases, please consider stopping your workout altogether.
  • If you are having trouble managing the conditions of your disease (higher than usual blood pressure and/or pulse, sudden increases in weight, continued elevated blood sugar levels, etc.), please consult with your primary care doctor to determine whether or not you should continue exercising.
  • Please wear clothing that is easy to move around in when exercising.
  • Please make sure to hydrate yourself before warming up and exercising.

Precautions to Observe During Exercise

  • Try not to push yourself too hard if you are feeling out of shape or you notice any abnormal symptoms.
  • If such abnormal symptoms get worse, please stop exercising.
  • If you feel any pain in your joints, etc., stop that exercise or adjust your movements so that you are performing them within a range where you stop feeling any pain.
  • Keep yourself moderately hydrated while exercising.
  • Based on your physical abilities and the disease or condition you are managing, perform the individual exercises while making adjustments to them so that they fall within a range of being “easy to slightly intense.”

For People with High Blood Pressure

This yoga program has been designed for patients living with high blood pressure. We have prepared 3 series of poses that take about 10 to 15 minutes each.
Focus on your breathing, and perform these exercises while staying relaxed.

For People with Type 2 Diabetes

This yoga program has been designed for patients living with type 2 diabetes.
We have prepared 3 series of poses that take about 5 minutes each.
They consist of movements that help to improve flexibility and aid in light strength training, and we recommend that you perform them in the combination that best fits your goals of increasing flexibility and gently building muscle strength.

Easy 10 Exercises

These exercises have been designed by the Hirakata Amateur Sports Association in Osaka Prefecture. Consisting of low-intensity exercises with a maximum degree of workout intensity of roughly 3 METs, these exercises have long been enjoyed by members of the local community.
Each series of exercises take about 10 minutes and there are 2 different patterns.
Please make use of the exercises that best match your physical condition and goals.

We plan on uploading more EIM Japan original videos to our website in the future.